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The Dentist of Darkness

Archie McBudge, heir to the McBudge empire has settled into his new role as head of the McBudge Confectionary Company, having made firm friends with Fliss, Billy, Tablet, the Butler who has been at McBudge Castle for at least 400 years, and the lovely honey Dragon by the name of Blossom.

Just as Archie and his friends were beginning to discover the freedom of the summer holidays, and sort of considering the possibilities of another adventure, very strange things begin to occur.

Archie has to go to the dentist for his check-up. Not so strange you say! Agreed: but this dentist is so very strange. Tall, thin, pale skinned, with smooth black hair and very white teeth, he is almost spooky. He considers his mission in life is to cleanse the world from naughtiness, which means, stop people eating McBudge sweeties!

As Unquiet Night celebrations are due to commence, this is a real worry as Mr Preen, the Dentist, is visiting the school offering his NICE version of sweets instead of McBudge sweets, for the celebrations.

But this is not all. There has always been rumours about the Wyrdie-tree, believed to be the source of the Dundoodle magic, being located somewhere in or near Dundoodle. It now it seems that this mysterious tree is under threat from terrible, dark and even more mysteriously scary evil forces, in the form of The Mirk!

Add the weird fact that Archie’s arch enemies the Puddingham-Pyes, are being extra nice as well as a visit from a very musty looking gnome, who is not a Gnome, and a new adventure is born in the township of Dundoodle. Can Archie and his friends save the magic that is Dundoodle, or will the evil Mirk win the day.

Fabulous fun to be had once again in this very tongue-in-cheek romp through the hallowed portals of magic and adventure, filled with sweets, scary creatures, dragons, and some wonderful plays on words, which want to keep being discovered, as Archie, Fliss, Billy, the Gnomes, who are not gnomes, and so many more slightly bonkers characters, set off on a desperate journey to save the day!

Slightly insane, but intriguing reading, perfectly created for the 9-12-year reader, coupled with suitably scary illustrations from Claire Powell make The Dentist of Darkness from David O’Connell absolutely right for young, zany readers who love a challenge with their words.

Author David O'Connell. Illustrations. Claire Powell
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781408887080
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released April 2019