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The Edge of Thirteen

The Edge of Thirteen is a beautiful story of growing-up and one that grown-ups everywhere will very easily relate to, as will tweens who are struggling with self-image, friendship, change and life in general.

The end of the long summer holidays is approaching and she is looking forward to reuniting with her bestie Bridge; this is the longest they have even been apart and she has missed her terribly.

If that was not bad enough this was also the year her parents decided that the tradition of Santa was to finish in their household as it was their first Christmas in the new house and they felt it was time for new traditions to begin, leaving the past behind.

But when Bridge gets back somehow she has gone boy crazy, Ellie her other bestie has begun to wear a bra and nothing is the same as before. Tom comes into her orbit at school also having a love of photography and art. He and Clem become friends and then the pressure is on, which only gets worse as the days of the school camp draw closer.

Clem begins to realise that her world is now so very different to her friend, she is still flat chested, has no idea of having a ‘boyfriend’ and simply wants life to go on as it always has;  she no longer seems to fit.  She is facing so much change in her life, it is not at all funny; it is overwhelming and she is not coping well at all, in fact she is dreading heading off to school camp, and that is so not like her.

School camp proves to be anything but fun and when things go too far and an invisible line is crossed, Clem has to face up to some very challenging and difficult facts, one of which is her behaviour.

Carefully worded and crafted, Nova Weetman captures perfectly that in-between world of massive physical and emotional change children everywhere have to negotiate. With the added pressure of today’s world and the challenge of finding your place in a changing world, working out who you want to be and what you truly want from life can be seriously challenging, let alone overwhelming.

The Edge of Thirteen is a must read for everyone regardless of their sex when they are in that twilight time of ‘tweenage’ as it sets out in comfortable language, the many changes and challenges  that will be faced in an ever changing world of emotions and just simply ‘growing-up’.

Author Nova Weetman
Publisher University of Queensland Press (UQP)
ISBN 9780702263125
Distributor University of Queensland Press (UQP)
Released March 2021