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The Flying Optometrist

Written in a celebration of the men and women who take medical assistance to the remote regions of Australia, The Flying Optometrist gives an insight into what is to come, with the cleverly designed front cover showing the wide range of letters similar to the charts used in Optometrists clinics.

The story focuses on Stephanie, a little girl who lives in a remote part of Australia, on a very large farm, near a very small town. The town is so small they rely on the flying clinics provided by the Royal Flying Doctor Service and the Flying Optometrist to bring in a wide range of medical services and such everyday necessities as health checks and eye checks, as well as organise some much needed new glasses for Stephanie and some of the other people who also live in the town.

Stephanie has managed to break her one and only pair of glasses and can’t see anything very well through the cracked lenses. She can’t play cricket and no one is interested in letting her play with them at school because she keeps dropping the ball, She is very, very, miserable. There are several other people in town that badly need to visit the optometrist as well.

The townspeople wait and wait for the arrival of the little red plane, but the weather is closing in, bringing with it a bad storm. They’re all very worried for the safety of the pilot, and his little plane but as a new day arrives, so too does the Flying Optometrist, safe and well.

He does his work and then fly’s off to go to another town, promising Stephanie and her friends that their new glasses will arrive safely in the post in a few weeks’ time.

The Flying Optometrist highlights the very real isolation that is a part of everyday life for so many Australians living in the country and the ongoing need to bring medical services to outback and remote towns which is as important today, as it has always been.

In the back of the book there is a very well-constructed and informative look at the Royal Flying Doctor Service as well as the remote Optometrist Service of which Phil Anderton and his little red plane are an integral component.

Wonderfully created with bright colourful illustrations used to reach out to children of a wide age range, The Flying Optometrist brings the little known world of remote Australia to life.

Author Joanne Anderton . Illustratins Karen Erasmus
Publisher National Library of Australia
ISBN 9780642279132
Distributor National Library of Australia