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The Flying Orchestra

The Flying Orchestra is a beautiful, whimsical and totally charming book which is out to impress from several different perspectives. Clare McFadden, not satisfied with creating a fantastical storyline, has capped it off with exquisite illustrations that simply capture the imagination and go straight to the heart of the story.

Some days are so windy that even the angels lose their balance from the top of City Hall’ begins a story in the round of listening to the varied, everyday sounds of our world as if The Flying Orchestra has arrived in town, to perform just for you.

The mournful sound of the train leaving the station without you on it, a plane arriving at the airport, bringing travellers, noise, happiness, joy and sorrow, the deafening roar of touchdown and departure adding to the vibrant sounds.

The wonderful sounds of the ocean at play, the beauty as the dawn breaks, the sound of the of the wind as it roars into town, ducking, diving, twisting and turning; the simple joy found by The Flying Orchestra as they simply stop, play and create wherever and whenever they arrive somewhere else, anywhere else.

Couched amongst the magic is the very salient reminder to make time to stop and simply listen to the music there in the everyday ordinary, as we rush madly about the world we have created, without stopping for just a minute to appreciate that which is all around.

Enchanting and immensely enjoyable, this book offers so much for readers of all ages, as it uses an orchestra to carry the message, the angels to attract attention and the wind, the very mischievous wind, that is sent to create disturbance and bring The Flying Orchestra into town, until it is once again time to leave and the sky is filed with peaceful magic once again.

For music lovers there is a section at the end of the book titled Music to listen too which offers lovely classical piece to illustrate the many reasons why The Flying Orchestra comes to town as well as introducing children to the many and various aspects of classical music

Author Claire McFadden
Publisher University of Queensland Press
ISBN 978 0 7022 3704 1
Distributor UQP
Released February 2019