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The FurFins: TinyTail and the Lost Treasure

FurFins is a series that will delight all little girls who love a little glitter and spangle in their life, as the Fur Fins live in the very glittery and lovely Kingdom of Coralia, far, far below the waves, deep in the ocean. This latest adventure, Tiny Tail and the Lost Treasure is no exception to lovely and cute.

Like all small creatures FurFins too, have to grow up and as a part of this they lose a scale very now and then. When this happens, they must leave it in a special bag for the Scale Fairy to find and she will replace it with a sparkly new one.

Tiny Tale is so excited she has been visited by the Scale Fairy, who left her a lovey, bright and very beautiful new scale to replace the her old one. She is so excited to show her friend Boo, but can’t find her. Boo loves to play tricks, sneaking up on Tiny Tale, while she is showing another friend Star Tail, giving her a great big scare.

Disaster strikes as Tiny Tale drops her precious scale and before they can get it back it has gone over the edge to the DEEP. What shall they do!

This is a lovely tale of friendship, working together and learning to sometimes give up something you love very much to make a friend happy. Intricate illustrations will delight little girls’ hearts as they step into the delightfully furry world of the very special Kingdom of Coaralia.

Based loosely on the traditions of the Tooth Fairy, The FurFins Tiny Tail and the Lost Treasure places a modern spin on a time old tale based in folkloric.

Author Alison Richie, Illustrated by Aless Baylis.
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781408897843
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released August 2019