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The Good Thieves

What an absorbing adventure story this is. From the beginning the characters engage our interest and imagination. The tale unravels at a fast but steady pace, and the back story of the main character Vita is revealed. We meet her on her journey with her mother to New York. Her early days were difficult as she developed polio in one leg and was bed bound for many months. Now she and her mother are about to rescue her grandfather and take him back to England.

Vita’s grandfather was a man of wealth, but he has been swindled out of his property by a con man. Grandpa doesn’t have the money to engage a lawyer to defend his case, so Vita’s mother wants to take him back to her home. Vita adores her Grandfather. He is the one who helped wile away many hours while she was ill and taught her how to throw incredibly accurately. So, while Mother is spending her days by organizing things for grandpa, Vita decides to take some action against the well-known con man.

Living opposite Carnegie Hall, the girl meets some circus performers who are staying at the Hall. They become confidants and friends and listen with awe as Vita tells them that there is a valuable piece of jewellery at her grandfather’s property, and if they could retrieve it, they could pay for the lawyer. At once the friends volunteer their skills, (one is a trapeze artist, the other an animal handler). The excitement builds as the three get together to form a plan. They realise that there will be plenty of danger in the form of guard dogs, a caretaker, and a very high stone wall.

Once the plan is set in place the excitement builds. As obstacles are overcome, more appear to deter the children. It seems that all the skills and creativity that they can muster will be needed to locate and then escape with the treasure. The daring and skill that is shown during this night time escapade leaves the reader holding their breath.

Family love and loyal friends bind this story together, as all the intended plans and schemes arranged by the children go awry. However, all is not lost and grandpa is avenged. What a stirring story and concept. Great fun and a real page turner.

Author Katherine Rundell
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781408854891
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released July 2019