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The Great Shelby Holmes Meets Her Match

Lovers of Shelby Holmes totally get it that she is an overachiever at whatever she does, which makes her very hard to like, which then makes it very hard for Shelby to have friends, other than the ones who want her remarkable talent to help them solve ‘problems’.

That is until John Watson moves into an apartment in the same block. He and his Mother have just relocated to New York after his parents split up and are both learning to adjust to a very different lifestyle. School has not yet started and John is feeling a little bit lonely.

He and Shelby meet up and form a sort of friendship, one where Shelby decides that ‘Watson’, as she like to call him, has potential and could be a help when she is out solving crimes. He has helped her with a small matter already and is very keen to learn more and become one half of a team.

School does eventually start with Watson making friends with two others boys also known as John, who also know Shelby and are in awe of her intellect, but really do find her a little bit weird, but as the school is for gifted children, this is sometimes sort of acceptable.

Of course, it is not long before Shelby discovers the new teacher in Science is not responding to the class as he perhaps should be and uncovers a serious issue that plunges both her and Watson into a very, very perilous situation indeed: a situation where they almost lost their lives. Their parents are not happy about this, as you would imagine.

Meanwhile, Watson’s Diary that he has to produce as part of his school work, has created what could best be described as a fan club for both himself and Shelby, as he had been posting his work on-line at School, which is something that has unexpected results for both of them.

Perhaps teamwork may well be the answer for Shelby as she and Watson look like they have formed a team who look out for each other, in spite of Shelby always expecting far more from Watson that he expects – but then again, that’s just Shelby Holmes!

Can Shelby, with the help of Watson, solve this latest problem or has she finally met her match in her arch enemy Moira, who seemingly appears to have won the day. That is something you need to discover for yourself!

AuthorElizabeth Eulberg. Illustrations Matt Robertson
PublisherBloomsbury Childrens Books
DistributorBloomsbury Childrens Books
ReleasedFebruary 2018