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The Last Book Before Bedtime

In this wonderful romp across the pages of a several well-loved children’s tales comes  ‘the last book before bedtime’, a book which will enhance and entrance everyone, young and old,  who love that last bedtime story; but which one!

The Three Little Pigs are winding down at the end of their very busy day and it is time to choose which story to read, but somehow they simply can’t seem to be all in the one place and when it is almost time to start the story. They are all still trying to fit in that one last thing before bedtime!

Somehow, the last  story just happens to have a character called The Big Bad Wolf as the star, but in this tale Cinderella gets mixed up in it looking for a story with a Princess, certainly not a wolf and three pigs! She is none too pleased with finding herself in the Three Little Pig’s story, at all.

But of course you can’t have the Big Bad Wolf in the story without Little Red Riding Hood who arrives and wants a share of the action as well; she wants her part in the story.

So what to do! And that is where things really start to get interesting as they all decide to carry on with the story, but which story is the problem.

So with a complete re-write, they decide to tell all three stories but not in the way you know them.

Get settled into bed and ready for the very best ever story about a lot of very different beloved characters who somehow manage to work their way through tears, tantrums and a whole lot of different mixed up tales, to arrive at the very last page and realise that they have had so much fun they just might need to go out and find another book!

This is certainly a book that is absolutely fun to read and will be wonderful addition to any young child’s reading collection. Full of fun, light, bright and modern illustrations, woven together with the art of a true storyteller, Nicola Byrne has created a wonderful story that will entertain over and over again.

 I am none too sure how many reading per night will be allowed but I suggest more than one will be required.

Author Nicola O'Byrne
Publisher Nosy Crow
ISBN 9780857634283
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released January 2016