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The Lost Tide Warriors

The Lost Tide Warriors returns to the magical island of Arranmore, somewhere of the coast of Ireland with Fionn Boyle now Storm Keeper of the Island, having taken over from his grandfather six months earlier. He has still not come into his full power which is causing some issues amongst the Islanders and causing Fionn a great deal of distress.

It is very obvious Morrigan and her followers, the Soulstalkers have not given up on reclaiming the Island and Morrigan ultimately regaining her power and control of Arranmore. As more and more of the Soulstalkers arrive on the Island, it is becoming obvious that the likelihood of a war breaking out is very real.

Fionn is trying to use his mind to develop his magic, not understanding yet that his magic comes from his heart not his head, almost beginning to doubt his ability to be the Storm Keeper, as well as the existence of the ferocious sea creatures that make up Dagda’s army, the army that, according to legend have always protected the Island from evil.

Where his grandfather was the sole power, Fionn begins to realise that sharing the power and responsibility amongst the Island dwellers with the use of the magic handles, known to many, is the only way he can protect the Island and its people from Morrigan.

The book holds magic, both good and bad, and shows the many layers of deceit, that can be woven buy those Fionn trusted.

Can he, Tara and his friends Shelby and Sam, once again find their way through the web of lies and deceit to summon the Merrows and their leader Dadga, to save Arranmore.

Readers who fell in love with Catherine Doyle’s first book The Storm Keeper’s Island have long awaited this second book in what looks like becoming a seriously addictive and magical Fantasy Fiction series.

AuthorCatherine Doyle
PublisherBloomsbury Childrens Books
DistributorBloomsbury Childrens Books
ReleasedSeptember 2019