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The Princess Who Flew with Dragons

Following on from her very well received novel’s The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart and The Girl with the Dragon Heart, Stephanie Burgis’ love of dragons and chocolate, continues on in a new and vastly entertaining new novel The Princess Who Flew With Dragons, a tale about not thinking you are good enough, but when things begin to go seriously wrong, perhaps you are better than good enough after all.

Sophie is the second princess in the family, the one who seems to be nothing but a disappointment to her family. When her mother died, her father did his best, but really had no idea about bringing up two princesses, so left Katrin, Sophie’s older sister and the Crown Princess, to try and do her best.

Now Sophie has had enough of her family trying to marry her off to a wicked fairy and being held hostage by some seriously nasty dragons, and when Katrin decided to send Sophie, by dragon of course, to represent the country at the Diamond Exhibition in Villenne, Sophie thinks it is simply to get her out of Drachenheim.

Sophie arrives travel sick, bedraggled and none too happy, to try and do what she has been asked to do, but the King and Queen of Villene simply do not believe she is who she says she, Princess Sophie.

So, as she is there with nothing to do and no one wants anything to do with her, she decides to go exploring on her own, which is when the very real trouble begins, as the Ice Giants invade the Exhibition, freezing and capturing everyone of Royalty, including Katrin, who has arrived to find out just what Sophie has been doing. As Sophie looks anything but a princess she is overlooked.

Sophies friend, a young dragon called Jason, who she has been corresponding with for some time, decides to come and meet her, which is an interesting aspect in itself, as he appears in a type of human form and another adventure begins.

Join Sophie, Jason and a host of goblins and gremlins as they all set out on an adventure of a lifetime, to rescue Katrin and set some old wrongs right. This is the final story in the Chocolate Heart trilogy and concludes what is a much loved series beautifully.


Author Stephanie Burgis
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781526604330
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released September 2019