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The Rabbit-Hole Golf Course

When you go hunting for a pet rabbit just about anything can happen when it is in the hunting ground of the ‘rabbit hole golf course’ in the ‘desert of my home’. There is certainly a great deal of fun to be had on the adventure.

This deliciously funny story has been inspired by Ella Mulvey’s childhood experiences, when she lived in an aboriginal community in the desert of Australia, where they would go ‘looking for a pet rabbit’, with of course, an overnight stop around a campfire.

We are transported to the back of the big old Ute, as it bumps across the land, jiggling the passengers all about, as they head for the ‘rabbit hole golf course’. Once they get there, there is huge excitement as each of the ‘rabbit holes’ must be investigated to see if there are any rabbits to be found.

 As each of the holes is discovered, a little of the desert lifestyle is presented in the digging sticks going ‘click’ as they bounce along and being chased by a slightly cross kangaroo as they shake and rattle the leaves of the small trees. Under a wattle tree they find a treat of sweet honey ants and have a feast, ending with sticky fingers, but somehow they still cannot find any rabbits!

After a huge day out they settle for the night about a campfire, with billy tea and damper to enjoy, before falling asleep in their sleeping bags ‘in the desert of my home’, to dream about those very illusive rabbits with the little pink noses and bushy tails, perhaps to be found tomorrow.

This warm, funny tale  beautifully illustrated by Karen Briggs captures the joy of the occasion on every page,is set to become a firm favourite for bedtime reading and will appeal to a wide range of little people right up to beginning and learner readers. There is an adventure to explore in the Australian bush on every page.

To be absolutely honest, this big little person thoroughly enjoyed being transported back to a time and place, where fun was where it was to be found, no matter where you called home!

Author Ella Mulvey Ill: Karen Briggs
Publisher Allen and Unwin Childrens
ISBN 9781925266290
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released July 2017