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The Restless Girls

Based loosely on many and varied classic fairy tales the story of the twelve daughters of Queen Laurelia and King Alberto, is a familiar, enjoyable and modern take on the meaning behind so many beloved tales written by the Grimm Brothers so many years ago.

On the death of their mother in an accident, the King grows so very worried that the lifestyle his twelve independent daughters are leading, will see them placed in danger as they go about doing what they do best, which for each of the twelve is something very different.

Their mother Queen Laurelia had always encouraged them to have a good education, think for themselves and be adventurous with their lives, something their father King Alberto is struggling to accept. He becomes so fearful he has them all locked into a special room where they can do nothing at all that will place them in any sort of danger.

Of course, being sensible, educated and inventive, they soon, under the leadership of their oldest sister Princess Frieda, discover a way into another world, a world which encourages them to fight for what they believe in, and the freedom to be able to live their lives in the manner they choose, not that of their sad and unhappy Father’s choosing.

Join the twelve sisters as they discover that there are choices to be made and considered as they grow up, and that often these choices do come with a little sadness, but with initiative and ingenuity anything at all is possible

Beautifully illustrated by Angela Barret and presented in traditional hardback format, this is wonderful coming of age story for every girl beginning to discover the rights and wrongs of the world in which we live.

Author Jessie Burton. Illustrated Angela Barrett
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781408886908
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released October 2018