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The Sea Exploring our blue planet

Do you know what is the largest living animal on this planet? No! Well, take a look inside the pages of The Sea and discover this and so much more about so many things you never, ever thought lived under the water, down at the beach or in The Sea.

Children will be impressed with this hard cover introduction to The Sea, as well as the delivery of the subject matter and well-chosen illustrations to complement the text.

Aimed a wide age group, the work has been carefully compiled to appeal to and educate children about the very many aspects of the sea, the hidden treasures to be discovered and the effect of modern day living on this precious, very important, element of our existence.

The Sea as a massive body of water, is a very diverse place, ranging from the shallow, beautifully warm waters of the tropical regions, laced with the amazingly beautiful coral reefs, to the scientifically fascinating depths of the Mariana Trench, as well as the dark chill of the Arctic and Antarctic waters.

Beginning with Coastlines, a place often easy to access and where, on looking carefully, many wonderful little creatures of the sea can easily be discovered and then ranging over topics such as Sandy Coasts, Coral Reefs and Seagrass Beds; even Shipwrecks are under discussion as a very important, manmade habitat for sea creatures.

Whales and Dolphins and their place in the evolutionary chain provide is a section providing a good insight into thee inquisitive and gentle creatures, along with Sharks and their importance to the environment. Deep Ocean Currents, and Deep Ocean Monsters are discussed as well as the absolutely astonishing chemical reaction created by creatures that live so deep there is no natural light.

A serious area of concern in our Seas and Oceans is plastic and the impact it is having on the creatures above and below the water that consider the ocean their home, a topic that offers much for discussion.

Miranda Krestovnikoff, along with Jill Calder, have created a book which will keep on giving for some time to come, jammed full of facts and information. Between them they have captured the incredible diversity to be found in The Seas of the world, the amazing distances covered by some of the creatures as they set out on their annual migration for breeding, and so much more. The detail is excellent and well researched.

Author Mirand Krestovnikoff. Illustrations: Jill Calder.
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781408889893
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released June 2019