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The Secret of Sapling Green

From the first page of this delightful picture book, we realise that Sapling is no ordinary girl. For a start her thumbs are green, and her hair is pink. What is her secret?

As we turn the pages of this charmingly illustrated book, we discover that Sapling is a schoolgirl who is rather lonely and has little contact with her fellow students. She looks on longingly as the other children manage the garden and climb the school tree. However, disaster strikes the tree and Sapling is the one who can come to the rescue of the climbers and the tree.

The Secret of Sapling Green is an unusual book as it begins with a normal situation, but then flows into fantasy. Children will follow this switch in genre easily and happily accept the outcome. The storyline certainly involves the imagination and raises many questions for the avid reader. The idea that one can make a positive action to help make a friendship is a good one.

The double page spreads with a white background, make the text easy to read, and the size of the text is suitable for beginning readers. The pastel illustrations are quite delightful and give a gentle and subtle feel to the story. This is a calm and soothing story with a comfortable ending.

Author Penelope Pratley
Publisher Exisle Publishing/EK Books
ISBN 9781925820980
Distributor EK Books
Released February 2022