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The Shadow Arts

The Shadow Arts follows on from the mind blowing, robotically savvy Monstrous Devices, from Damien Lowes and continues the madcap adventures of Alex and his grandfather and the world of monstrous robots, picking up where they were left off, half way through a very long, ongoing adventure.

One cold wet English winters day, Alex receives another parcel from his grandfather with the note, keep this one it is special. This one is a small tin robot, obviously old and as it is soon discovered comes with a range of very strange powers.

Now Harry, who was involved in the last adventure but went I missing, is still missing and the mysterious something he was investigating has still not been solved. But is it only when things begin to get really very difficult for Alex once again, as you already know, these robots are really something special, that grandfather decides it is best if he, the robot and Alex go to Germany to try and right a very old wrong. And also to try and find Harry.

That this could get terribly dangerous and will unleash family secrets that would perhaps have best been left hidden, where they have been hidden for years, deep in the Black Forest regions of Germany, is taken into consideration, but grandfather considers this needs to be finished once and for all! Perhaps the risks are worthwhile!

Fast paced and with a raft of characters that redefine the meaning of characters in a novel, as they go from perhaps too nice to definitely incredibly evil, Alex and his Grandfather once again battle evil, but evil that is somehow connected with his family and Alex’s father, a father he has never known.

Damien Lowe has capture skillfully the otherworld of fantasy sic-fi fiction beloved by younger readers who enjoy journeying into an alternate universe crossed with the trappings of science, magic and mayhem, along with a modern day Indiana Jones who still needs to get home to his mum and do his homework.

Author Damien Lowe
Publisher Bloomsbury/ Rock the Boat
ISBN 9780861540860
Distributor Bloomsbury Publishing
Released July 2021