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The Storm Keepers’ Battle

Storm Keeper Trilogy 3

The long awaited final book in the Storm Keeper series from Catherine Doyle has arrived and with it a massive finale that is guaranteed to keep you in a state of serious concern, as to the final outcome of the battle raging over Arranmore between the forces of Morrigan and Fionn as they push the very limits of power, magic and sorcery to win the game!

Fionn is still struggling to understand the power he has and how best to use it while Morrigan seems to be going from strength to strength, as she gathers her army of dead souls to wage a further and final battle to get what she wants, Arranmore.

As the storm begins to build, and the final two candles begin to burn, can Fionn managed to unite the people who once lived on Arranmore to defeat Morrigan, or will past hatreds still stand in the way is to be discovered. Light over darkness, bravery over bullying is the underlying message placed within the text.

Bravery is required as the children band together to add their strengths to the battle Fionn has to win and once again dig far deeper than he ever thought. In doing he has to draw on his limited knowledge to understand what it is that will help drive the storm clouds away as the waters slowly recede from the Island of Arramore.

Who will win the day is a closely guarded secret and it is not until the later part of the story, that there is any idea of whether good or evil will win the day, as the scales of time and knowledge are far from evenly balanced.

One small point is that as the last book, the second in the series The Lost Tide Warriors was more than twelve months ago, picking up the threads of the linking information was slightly challenging. As The Storm Keepers Battle is not a stand-a-lone work, making the threads easy to follow could have been better.

The Storm Keepers Battle is a cataclysmic ending to an excellent series. Fans of the Storm Keepers will not be disappointed.

Author Catherine Doyle
Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN 9781526607966
Distributor Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released April 2021