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The TinyWing Fairies

Just as the tiny wing fairies, Marthy, Tiffin, Little Ess and Pip are settling down to go to bed, the lights have just been turned out and they are all just drifting off to sleep, a terrible, terrible, noise that is really, really scary wakes up Little Ess.

Little Ess is a little bit frightened of the dark, so she wakes up Marthy who says it nothing but the trees in the forest, but the noise gets louder and louder. So much so they all decide they need to go and find out what is making such a sad and terrible noise.

As they set out on their journey and meet other residents of Dappletree Wood they ask them if they have any ideas what is wrong, but no one seems to know what or who is making such an awful noise.

Join the TinyWing fairies as they make their way through the snow-covered woods on the way to another lovely, adventure and make a new friend as well.

There is a comforting and reassuring aspect about night time noises embedded in the storyline, which makes a lovely point of discussion for small ones who often find noises of the night scary and worrisome.

Beautifully written with lavishly created illustrations, with lots of lovely woodland creatures and their families to be discovered, from the talented Suzanne Barton, the TinyWing fairies will soon become charming little additions every little girls’ very special bookcase.

AuthorSusan Barton
PublisherBloomsbury Childrens Books
DistributorBloomsbury Childrens Books
ReleasedSeptember 2018