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The Untold Story of Father Christmas

When you pick up a children’s book which has magical illustrations on the first two pages with the first words read, ‘In olden times, when magic filed the air…….’ you know immediately there is a special treat in store.

The tale revolves around a master toymaker and his wife, who, even though they have always wanted to have children of their own, never did. The toymaker was known far and wide for his beautiful toys. He would travel to the fairs with a sack over his shoulder, filled with his wonderful toys, which he and his wife had made with love, making the toys very special indeed.

Each of the pages is filled with gentle, soft illustrations created to delight the heart and add a very special aspect to the traditional story of Father Christmas, which also comes with a gentle reminder that there are times when it is perhaps more joyful to be able to give to those in need or less fortunate, in the time honoured tradition that is truly Christmas.

The Untold Story of Father Christmas is book that will become a traditional part of any family Christmas and one which should be passed down through the generations to come and absolutely perfect to be read during the day when littles ones, and big one alike, need some perfect quiet time.


AuthorAlison and Mike Battle
PublisherBloomsbury Children
ReleasedNovember 2017