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The Way To Impossible Island

The Way to Impossible Island is a novel for competent readers, as both the language and the concepts require a certain level of maturity. For children who love fantasy, this is a great example of an adventure story that encompasses time travel, as well as the brutal reality of having a health issue. The detail which the Sophie Kirtley has used to give the story a believable edge is original and fun.

The main characters in this tale are, Mothgirl and her wolf friend, ByMySide. They are inseparable, and it happens that one day when out hunting, they become lost. They meet up with a boy called Dara. He must have an operation, but for a small reason, it has been postponed. Dara wants to live a normal life and not be fussed over by his parents. So, this girl from the stone age, and the boy from the present day, meet and join forces to survive the dangers they are facing.

They both need to get to Lathrin Island. Even though their communication is very limited, they begin to understand each other, and they show support as they combine their ideas to overcome problems and create new pathways. They must find “The Secret Tunnel, and Gentle Bess Cottage,” once they are on the Island. Suddenly, there is a deadly adversary, and Dara is not strong or fit enough to run a way.

This is a most engaging adventure story for both boys and girls. With some heart stopping adventures and some wonderful moments of love between the girl and her wolf, it ensures that the reader continues to the end to see what the outcomes will be for both the characters.

Author Sophie Kirtley
Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN 9781526616302
Distributor Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released August 2021