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The Whales on the Bus

The “Wheels on the bus,” is a well-known tune, and this story, The Whales on the Bus, is based on the same music. The bold and bright illustrations on the front cover of the book prepare us for a rollicking story. Joining the whales on the bus are tiny animals, birds and fish, but first we meet the whales. Next, we meet the “Cranes on the train”, then the “Sheep in the jeep.”

As the reader sings the story the large and colourful illustrations act as a prompt. The humorous scenarios show familiar animals who are instantly recognisable. The animal sounds can be learned here.

Perfectly written for younger children, this book is full of life and movement. Each double page spread is a different bright colour and if colour and song and movement are not enough, there is the delightful text. “The baboons in balloons float home for tea…” which is possibly a good time to read this book as it is not a quiet bedtime story.

Author Katrina Charman. Illustrations Nick Sharratt.
Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN 9781526603425
Distributor Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released October 2020