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The Woodland Trust: Into The Forest

Beautifully constructed and presented this non-fiction book, The Woodland Trust: Into the Forest, has been created for a wide age range of readers, with an excellent use of language which is not to complex and yet describes the subject matter, that of the forests of the world, clearly and most importantly, with fun.

Trees worldwide are under threat from so many different sources that is indeed the true and real value of forests to the world environment, children need to understand from a young age. Into The Forests presents a marvellous place to begin.

Large pages set out the various aspects of all types of forests to be found throughout the world, along with all the different things to be discovered in each of the regions. Beginning with From Seed to Tree, the life of a tree from planting the seed, or in a dense natural forest the first shoots from a seed in the forest, to a fully grown tree is explained, as well as alerting the reader to the many hidden ‘helpers’ that are to be discovered throughout the journey.

Rain forests, with their humidity and huge leaves are discovered, as are the bare, snow clad trees of winter, the bright lovely colours of the many trees that shed their leaves in the autumn; the delicate, green, gentle shoots of the spring when winter is drawing to a close and new life is beginning once again

So many bugs, grubs and animals also live in the forests, all of whom rely on the many aspects of their world to survive, with logs and stumps providing homes for many of the woodland and creatures of the forests. The tall trees making wonderful homes for the birds who consider the tree tops their paradise.

Touring the world as the pages turn, becomes an exciting adventure, as each page is filled with information carefully couched within the illustrations, allowing the inquisitive minds of children to search the pages for information on such things as night in the forest, tropical rainforest’s, and silent winter.

The final pages provide instructions on how to plant a tree, show the many different animal that live in the forests of the world which can be found within the pages, as well as a great little Glossary to help out with various words that may be unfamiliar.

Author Christiane Dorion. Illustrations Jane McGuinness.
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781526600707
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released December 2019