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The World Made a Rainbow

Michelle Robinson with the help of Emily Hamilton in The World Made A Rainbow have captured the world of 2020 ongoing, as COVID hit hard, changing the world forever, leaving small children as well as their parents very confused and worried.  Trying to explain something to children that was taking many adults by surprise has been captured perfectly in the single sentence, ‘All of the world had to stay home today’, which was exactly what happened and continued to happen for many, many long days and nights.

Adults had to make rapid changes and small children simply found it almost impossible to comprehend why they could not go to school, play with their friends and had to speak to their beloved family by phone or Skype!

A little girl, who was feeling very lonely, found a wonderful way to feel better by making something beautiful, colourful and gloriously wonderful. With the help of her Mum and Dad they decided to paint a rainbow and put it in the window, so people going by could feel happier too!

She set about changing the colours of her day with paper, paint, pencils and imagination to make a rainbow and when she was sad again, because she missed her friend Violet, she spoke to her on Mums IPad. Violet had also begun to make her own Rainbow to help spread a little more happiness and joy as well.

Rainbows are such magical things that truly help change the colour of your day. This sense of wonder has been captured beautifully with simple words and vibrant illustrations that fill the page, to show that even when the days are not full of sunshine and happiness, this too shall pass and the world will once again be filled with colours, just like a rainbow fills the sky with colours after the rain.

The World Made A Rainbow is filled with hope, imagination and fun, which all help to reassure in the constantly changing world in which we all find ourselves; a world still full of change, but like the Rainbow after the rain, reassurance is built by understanding that all things, even an upside down sort of world, will eventually pass.

Author Michelle Robinson. Illustrations Emily Hamilton.
Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN 9781526629807
Distributor Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released November 2020