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The Zebra’s Great Escape

From the picture on the front cover, we realise The Zebra’s Great Escape is not a gentle bedtime story. It shows a determined girl riding on a zebra followed by a scruffy dog. AN ADVENTURE!  is proclaimed by the bold colouring, silver letters and determined looks. This is a picture book with full page text, a story book but in a hardback format. It works really well.

The story begins with Mink. She doesn’t believe in rules and loves to run wild and free. She is out one night having a swing when she hears a noise. It is a young zebra who is very distressed.  In his distress he is able to communicate with the girl.

His parents have been captured by an evil man who has the pair in a cage. Mink thinks about this and realises that she must act quickly. The local scruffy, unfriendly dog is approached and offers to help. He notifies all the local birds and animals nearby who happily pass on the message that a zebra is searching for his parents.

By word of beak, bark grunt and tweet, the message is conveyed, and the parents located. Then it is up to Mink to take the young zebra back to them. She rides the animal, guided by a squirrel, and then the rescue begins. What a wonderful story!

The illustrations expand the text and complement the written word. They also add humour to the scene and lighten the mood. Along with the cranky dog who bargains for a bone, all the animals are shown as eager to help.

The Zebra’s Great Escape is a terrific story for a younger reader. It is quite long but written in three parts. Most children will love this child driven story, no adults needed here. As with all excellent literature, this is a story for all ages.

Author Katherine Rundell. Illustrator Sara Ogilvie.
Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN 9781408885741
Distributor Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released September 2022