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There Is No Dragon In This Story

Dragon’s do, in my opinion, deserve to be treated with respect for lots of reasons, not just the fact that they can be incredibly temperamental. When we meet our dragon is he really in a snit; he wants to be in the story, but the story has not lasted long enough and now he has gone off in a huff to find his own story.

But somehow, no matter what story he pokes his long, red, dragon snout into, he rapidly discovers there are NO Dragons in any of them, and there are defiantly no possibilities in any of the stories that might even let him be the hero, because there is already one, which does not make him very happy at all.

That is until he meets the Giant from Jack and Beanstalk, who somehow gets it terribly wrong and accidently manages to ‘blow out the sun’, causing terrible havoc in storyland!

Right from the beginning this wonderfully funny tale romps straight into pure fun and entertainment with the first two pages, as well as the last two pages, and all the other pages in-between, encouraging nothing other than full participation from the reader, or should the story happen to be read to a group of children, a great deal of noise and laughter with sound effects to be encouraged. And No, I am not going to tell you any more as it will just spoil the fun!

The pages are filled with colour, wonderful characterisations of some very much loved story book characters and a huge amount of fun which children big, small and grown up will have so much fun with as they join with Dragon to try and find his story!

Suitable for young readers and beginning readers, perfect for grandparents with little ones snuggled up on their laps, great for bedtime reading and of course, like all good stories, there is the perfect hero in the end, or is there.

Fun, laughter and pure enjoyment have been captured by Lou Carter with her wonderfully descriptive words and Deborah Allwright’s flamboyantly created characters, to create a book that you will, young or old, totally fall in love with and read over and over again.

Authorlou Carter. Illustrations: Deborah Allwright
PublisherBloomsbury Children
ReleasedAugust 2017