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There’s Broccoli in my Ice Cream!

Granville the dog believes there is nothing good about fruit and vegetables. In this Children’s Picture Book, the author has used the charm of a puppy to coerce children into rethinking their dislike of “Good Foods”. The family values are discussed and used to add to the arguments as well as a little timely fantasy. The illustrations are mostly on a white background and are simple and clear. The text is varied in size to add interest and the many small illustrations on some pages bear close scrutiny. The art work is colourful and shows many humorous scenes.

 All the family members, who have each won prizes for their veggies, including the “Winner of the Colossal Cabbage Cup”, try to convince Granville that he needs to eat veggies to be healthy, but he remains adamantly opposed to any persuasion. Grandpa Reggie has a van from which he sells his home grown veggies, and supplies these with the aid of a magic watering can. It is nearly Grandpa’s birthday, and each of the family asks him what he would like. He asks Granville to help him prepare and grow a crop, and the puppy agrees. Using the magic watering can, they produce a wonderful array of veggies.

 The dog has his own ideas though. He brings along all the cakes and jellies and chocolate he can find, plants them and waters them with the magic watering can. The results are quite startling, and even his family is impressed, while grandpa is flabbergasted. Granville then is in a position to negotiate his eating habits, and is able to join Grandpa in the van selling his own combinations of Veggies and sweets.

 This is certainly one for the fussy eaters, with a lot of chuckles along the way. The page outlining all the cakes and jellies and chocolates may make your eyes water, but the reader will quickly remember the value of broccoli, peas and parsnips.

AuthorEmily MacKenzie, illustrated by Emily MacKenzie
PublisherBlomsbury Child
ReleasedFebruary 2017