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These are Animals

In this impressive journey to the world of animals through the eyes of Daniel Egneus, there is a lot of fun to be discovered in and around the many animals that have somehow found their way onto the pages of this book.

Aimed at the early reader, or little ones who love a good story with lots of noises attached, this is a beautiful way to introduce small children to a wide range of animals, where they live and noises they do make.

Woodland animals are there with rabbits squeaking and racoons climbing, all while the woodpecker tap, tap taps away. When the Polar Regions are discovered there are some wonderful discussion points that can be built-in as to why Polar Bears have such large paws and Seals bark.

Africa sees Elephants trumpeting and Giraffes with such long necks, Lions roooaring and Zebras showing off their stripes.

Each of the pages is jammed full of colour to represent the animals and their traditional surroundings which can also add some additional layers to the storyboard.

But there is so much noisy fun to be had, that by the time the end page is reached it will be time to head for bed or outside to practice some of the squeaking, roaring, sliding, hissing and squawking essential to a good story about animals.

AuthorDaniel Engneus
PublisherBloomsbury Childrens Books
DistributorBloomsbury Childrens Books
ReleasedApril 2018