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Tree Beings

Tree Beings from Raymond Huber Sandra Severgnini is a fabulous reference book. With a hard back cover and splendid illustrations, there is enough material here to keep a family interested for a long time. It is such a splendid production that it could also be used to present students with an assignment on Trees and their value to society. There is something to interest everyone in here.

So, are you a “Tree being”? That is a person who loves trees. By the end of this book you will have met people who lived in trees, planted trees, discovered secrets about trees, and discovered the power of trees. Dr Jane Goodall has a story which reinforces the role that trees played in her life with the chimpanzees. Looking at the contents of the book, we find there are sections that describe “Life in the trees, Trees can save us, Trees are like beings, and Trees need our help.”

Stories are from people such as Julia Butterfly Hill, who lived up a tree for two years. Following the strangeness of this, is a scientific report that explains how trees lift water from the ground sending it into the air. This process produces water vapour, which makes rain. Several times through the book, there is a section called, “Imagine you are there, on that day in….” which tells stories from Jane Goodall, Richard St Barbe Baker, and Vimla who helped to prevent loggers from destroying the forest of her village

The range of facts and stories about trees is huge. Interspersed with these are beautiful and colourful illustrations which vary from factual to imaginative. Underlying the stories, facts and drawings is the message that is essential to convey to the world that of: Without trees we have no world, and the more trees we have the healthier our planet becomes.

Author Raymond Huber: Sandra Severgnini. Forward Dr. Jane Goodall.
Publisher Exisle Publishing
ISBN 9781925820539
Distributor Exisle Publishing/EK Books
Released October 2020