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Trouble At School

Bella and her little brother Sid had moved to a small cottage in the country in the middle of the school holidays, which meant Bella and Sid had to begin the new school year at a brand-new school, where they had to start to make new friends.

Magda and her parents lived next door to their cottage and over the summer, Bella and Magda had become best friends. Mum did not really approve of this as she said Magda was nothing but a trouble magnet. Bella did not think so, although when they were together strange things seem to happen!

Bella and Sid are ready for their first day at school, bags packed and ready to go, but when they go to collect Magda she is still in bed, bag not packed and finally comes running out of the house, eating bread and jam. And that was just the beginning.

Bella, along with Magda, seem to somehow land into so much trouble at school that when homework begins to disappear, food gets very mixed up and terrible things happen to a very important painting, making a good impression seems to be the last thing that is happening. In fact, exactly the opposite seems to be happening. Bella is beginning to get very worried that rather than making a good impression like she truly wants to, she may very well get expelled!

Eventually Bella is forced to decide whether Magda really is the good friends she says she is!

Trouble at School is a wonderful story highlighting the many aspects of settling into a new community, choosing the right new friends and learning to avoid of the ‘bullies’ in the group who always want to make you look very silly.

A timely, excellent and very funny read, coupled with light hearted illustrations geared for the 8-10-year-old reader and a good reminder that friendship can often be a most unusual thing!

AuthorChris Higgins.Illustrated Emily Mackenzie.
PublisherBloomsbury Childrens Books
DistributorBloomsbury Childrens Books
ReleasedFebruary 2018