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Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting was first published in 1975. There has been a movie made from the story and it has just been re published in 2020. There are several reasons for republishing the book primarily for a story to be considered a classic, it must pass the test of time, and re reading Tuck Everlasting, it does.

The original and unusual tale set in the 1800’s raises many issues which can be challenging for children….life and death, loyalty, and friendship, to name a few. Language and descriptions assist the reader to picture the setting and the surrounds, as well as the tone of the family, with gentleness to the people, and the care shown by the family of Winnie, the main character, very obvious. Winnie’s parents protect their only child with many rules and structures.

However, within that framework of love, Winnie is desperate for adventure. It is here that she meets and witness’s death, raises the question of “Living Forever, “and experiences her first love. Loyalty is another issue that the young girl struggles with. She deceives her family to help a friend in desperate need; the weight of her deception is not lost on Winnie.

An unusual ending to the story makes it memorable. This is such a unique opportunity for adults and young readers to discuss the concepts raised and to share thoughts about matters that are not usually talked about. With the wonderful descriptions, “The sky was a ragged blaze of red and pink and orange..” make Tuck Everlasting a joy to read.

AuthorNatalie Babbitt
PublisherBloomsbury Publishing
DistributorBloomsbury Children's Books
ReleasedJuly 2020