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Turning Cartwheels

The expectations for many children when they start school, is that things will be like their home experiences. Most children have learned about rights and responsibilities and respectful treatment of others at home. When Emma tries to join the Cartwheel Club at school however, she realises that other children do not recognise the “Fair Play” rules.

When she is refused entry to the Club because her legs are not straight enough, Emma goes home and practices until they are. Then she is told that her landing is messy, so she goes home and practices for a week until it is perfect. At last, she is accepted in the club, but the rules do not stop there. By Friday Emma is exhausted and she knows that she will have to come up with an alternative solution for those twitchy times at lunch when exercise is foremost in children’s minds.

Turning Cartwheels a wonderful way of showing children alternative ways to solve problems. To be resilient in today’s world, Emma must find a solution to her problem. She does this in a way that is inclusive of other students, including those with special needs.

This picture book is splendidly illustrated. Most pages feature double page spreads of grassy green colours, with the girls all dressed in purple. The artwork shows basic features and easy to read attitudes from the characters. Turning Cartwheels is another great way to talk about resilience to children.

Author Amy Adeney. Illustrations Amy Calautti.
Publisher Exisle Publishing
ISBN 9781925820515
Distributor Exisle Publishing/EK Books
Released 2021