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Uncle Gobb and the Plot Plot

The story, the plot and the humour all gel together to make Uncle Gobb and the Plot Plot a good read for a beginning reader. The size of the text, and the way it is broken up ensure that there is a comfortable balance between reading and enjoyment of the tale. The mesh between the illustrations and the text add to the understanding.

Malcolm is the main character in this story. He has an unfortunate family member (his uncle), who loves to hatch a devious plot. This time it is to start a new school in his “Dread Shed,” and place it in the car park at the public school. After all Uncle Gobb has “Been to China.”

Crackersnacker is Mal’s best friend and is aware of the ruthless nature of Uncle Gobb once he devises a plan. They realise that the ultimate plan is to take over the whole school and create chaos. In the meantime, there is a plot of land next to the school and no one is sure who owns it. This could be Uncle Gob’s big chance to settle in.

Interspersing the story are some weasels; their conversation helps to clarify the story and add humour. This is the third Uncle Gobb story and one that shows the same characters and their various attempts at problem solving.

Michael Rosen is a well-known author who is able to find just the right mix of mystery, adventure and humour to keep a child reading. The hardback novel is well presented and the illustrations add to the text. The font size changes often to put emphasis on certain words and phrases.

There is lots of imagination and creativity used throughout the story, which will be enjoyed by young readers.

AuthorMichael Rosen. Illustrations Neal Layton.
PublisherBloomsbury Childrens Books
DistributorBloomsbury Childrens Books