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Violin and Cello

How thrilling! An author who has thought to include musical children in a story book. The Picture Book Violin & Cello is for younger children who are beginning musicians and facing the idea of practising alone. The story acknowledges the unique personality that budding musicians have and the dedication needed to improve.

The two children in the story live in adjoining apartments in a tower block. They have never met, but one plays the violin, and one plays the cello. After many months of practising and listening out for each other, the boy sends the girl a secret message in the way of a piece of music.

It is called, “The Mystery Friends.” Part 1 Allegro. Separately they played the music. Then the girl sends the boy a piece of music, “The Mystery Friends Part 2 Adagio”. Again, they practice separately but listen out for each other. Then they have a great idea.

Violin & Cello is a wonderful piece of literature involving music. The text is splendid, with the author, Catherine Greer stating about children learning music, “It was tricky, it took some time.”

The music when described, winds its way across the page. “Cello from backpack. Violin from case.” Minimal text, but now beautifully the illustrator Joanna Bartel takes over the story. She fills in the details with drawings of the two characters which show their enjoyment and dedication.

Musician Alexander Lau has written the music for The Mystery Friends part 1 and part 2 which is an original duet for violin and cello, and simple enough to be played by young musicians. What a fantastic combination of three very talented artists.

Author Catherine Greer. Illustrator Joanna Bartel. Musician Alexander Lau.
Publisher Exisle Publishing/EK Books
ISBN 9781922539274
Distributor EK Books
Released September 2022