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Walking in Gagudju Country: Exploring the Monsoon Forest

Walking In Gagudju Country is set as a journey; the family set off to take a walk around the billabong. As they walk along, they realise that they have no idea how long their walk will take them, and as it an adventure of sorts, they have no idea what they are likely to discover.

Packing their bags with water, food and matches to boil the billy, they set off into the monsoon forest around the edge of the billabong and it is not long before they discover their first surprise, a tree full of anboyberre, or white bush apples and when one fell into the water, a ngarderrhwo pops his head out to gulp down the tasty treat.

Walking in Gagudji Country is a wonderfully creative and formulated story of ancient knowledge and words of both indigenous and English language are used with wonderfully descriptive pictures of the birds, animals, reptiles, bushes and trees that can be found to nourish, as well as help support the many creatures that live in the rainforest.

As the journey unfolds it is amazing what is too discovered. Carefully detailed information is provided along with intriguing pictures on double page spreads, with each of the discoveries having their own details and caricature, before being involved in a large picture of them in their natural environment.

So much detail has gone into the creation of Walking in Gagadju Country, which makes this a perfect non-fiction book to introduce children of all ages, as well as their parents to ‘language’ and what is considered as an endangered environment, little understood by Europeans, but well understood by the indigenous people who have loved and maintained these special eco systems of thousands of years.

A glossary at the rear of the book for a quick word reference is an excellent resource. Better known as Kakadu National Park, Walking in Gagudjiu Country is the perfect introduction to the environment and the Kundjeyhmi culture.

Diane Lucas, Ben Tyler and Emma Long share their knowledge and love of the Top End in this enchanting and accessible book about one of Australia’s most ancient and beautiful ecosystems.  Their fascinating biographies are also at the rear of the book, adding a depth of understanding to the words and pictures that make Walking In Gagudju Country a very special and perfect resource for teachers and schools.

Author Diane Lucas and Ben Tyler, illustrated by Emma Long
Publisher A&U Children's
ISBN 9781760525958
Distributor A&U Children's
Released June 2021