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‘A warthog went a wandering’, but what he finds on his wanderings turns out to be so many wonderful things that he simply has to count each one as he goes around and about.

He finds one scoop of yummy, runny honey which of course comes with some bees. When he gets to the pool he sees three, round, smooth pebbles which turn out to be something a little more than just pebbles.

And so the wonderful, mystical journey continues until he finds a cave with something hiding there that makes him run, ever so quickly, home.

Each page in this wonderful, colourful story is filled with a host of fascinating things to keep small people amused and captivated as they join Warthog on his journey as he counts the many interesting and intriguing things he discovers on his day out.

As each number is found it comes with a cunningly disguised flap that little fingers will itch to fold back in order to discover just what is underneath each stone, behind the flowers, or behind the bushes.

The end page in the book has each of the numbers clearly shown with the groupings of butterflies, monkeys and other characters discovered on the journey which adds a lovely touch to the conclusion of the story.

Counting and number recognition as well as learning to count out numbers has been delightfully undertaken with this vibrant, fun tale about a little warthog out enjoying the day.

Children and adults alike will enjoy the story and both will delight in discovering just what lies, cunningly hidden under the flap!

Author Birdie Black, illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw
Publisher Nosy Crow
ISBN 9780857635709
Distributor Nosy Crow
Released March 2016