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We Wear Pants

Many children as young as two years old are particular about the clothes they wear. In We Wear Pants the author outlines many things that we wear as she shows them being modelled on animals. As she shows many different ways that we wear shoes and glasses and pants, we see that individual preferences in dressing are OK. The front cover of the book and the title immediately grabs the reader’s attention as we see a collection of animals in their undies.

Each animal is shown with the item of clothing being looked at. Some animals make funny comments such as “Pant-tastic!” others make observations such as “Pants keep your bottom covered.” There is a task at the top of the double page spread such as naming the animal that is wearing pants. Some of the assorted things the animals wear are, hats, wellies, coats, glasses, scarves, shoes, and pyjamas.

Katie Abey has used many techniques to ensure this is a compelling book for children. There are many animals used in the story, and not all of them appear on each page. Each animal is drawn in a stylized manner and are completely recognisable. Identifying favourite animals would keep children busy for a long time.

Each double page spread has a task or a question at the top of the page. The task involves counting, or choosing or observing. The humour in the story is captivating and is found in the illustrations as well as the comments made by the animals. The amount of detail on the double pages is not overwhelming but would lend itself to re-reading this story many times.

There is a small amount of text as a heading on the pages, and little bubbles of text over the animals. It is quite clear and suitable for an independent reader. A non-reader would spend time pouring over the pictures and taking in the details. This would appeal to children who love clothes, who love animals, who enjoy tasks, and who enjoy humour in illustrations. A most satisfying book for those who wonder what they will wear today.

Author Katie Abey
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781408893609
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released June 2018