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In a world of social media and the internet, it is often difficult for a young child to determine what to believe, what is true or false and how to navigate a happy full filling life. In his third children’s book, award winning, best-selling author Matthew Syed helps children and young people by suggesting positive and practical ideas to find their voice and speak up with confidence in all social settings.

In “What Do You Think”, the author provides the young readers with an empowering toolkit, which allows them to discover what influences their ideas, and how to debate their views with understanding and an appropriate response. It is filled with fun facts, statistics, personal insights, and amusing anecdotes.

He uses a witty style to point out that debates and disagreements can often lead to new ideas, stronger friendships and even change the world; it will allow readers to confidently tell others what they think.

This ‘how to’ book is both entertaining, engaging and very accessible for both adults and children as it provides strategies, hints and tips which help change their mindset, allowing both groups to achieve their potential. 

The comic book style used by the Matthew Syed makes this book a very easy, enjoyable but informative read.

Author Matthew Syed.
Publisher Hachette UK
ISBN 9781526364937
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released November 2022