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What Makes Me A Me?

On the front over there is the statement ‘The perfect picture book for the inquisitive mind’, and guess what, it is!

All small people have a point in their lives when they become old enough to realise they are very different to their friends and begin to wonder what it is that makes them, them.

Ben Faulks and David Tazzyman have embraced this curiosity in full colour with an explosion of words, as our little friend sets off on a journey of discovery beginning with checking out a snail and comparing his eyes to that of the snail: they are definitely not like mine, he discovers…

Is he like a tree, tall and straight with branches sticking out? No matter how hard he tries he eventually realises trees stand still and he moves about all the time; the only thing he got for his efforts was a bird’s nest in his hair.

Sometimes he is racing car, screeching and zooming around the corners of his life, and other times he is a computer as he learns he really does know a lot of things. His dad says he can’t be like a computer as he does not have an on and off switch.

Eventually he comes to the conclusion that everyone is special, everyone is different, not everyone, actually nobody, is ME!

One huge, massive load of fun is wrapped up between the covers of this very boisterous, very bright, look at discovery through the eyes of a small person summing up the totality of whom, exactly he is!

It is indeed ‘The perfect book for the inquisitive mind’ but it also has a number of thought provoking elements which will make interesting discussion points with your little ones as they set out on their life adventure.

Author Ben Faulks. Illustrated: David Tazzyman
Publisher Bloomsbury Children
ISBN 9781408883327
Distributor Bloomsbury
Released October 2017