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When we were Warriors

What a terrific series of stories which link in with each other in a very clever manner by the end of what is captivating reading, whether you are young or slightly more mature. Living up to her reputation of ‘Queen of Historical Fiction’, Emma Carroll captures a time in the dark and terrible days of World War II, through the eyes of children in a style that is reminiscent of Enid Blyton.

After getting bombed out, Stan and his sisters are evacuated to a place in the country called Frost Hollow Hall; a place it was soon to be discovered held mysteries and so much adventure it could hardly be true. Things got even more interesting when a group of American soldiers, headed up by a very tall GI called Eddie, came to the Hall to ask for help.

Olives Army tells how a community can work together with very little, to chase off a boat load of German’s trying to sneak into England unseen. A platoon of American soldiers is camped further up along the headland at Budmouth Point. When Olive finds a dead body on the beach, with some very interesting ID papers, she and her friends begin to wonder just what is going on, and why the papers are those of her sister Sukie’s fiancé, Ephraim.

What happens to your beloved pets during an air raid when they cannot come to the air raid shelter with you, sees Velvet looking for alternatives when their beloved Mr Perks, who always let them take their pets, is replaced by a man who simply will not, no matter what! She just wants to be useful, do something that will make a difference. When she gets her chance, along with her friend Mo, she really does make a huge difference and making her Mum very proud as well as earning the love and respect of her community. A tall American GI called Eddie is once again involved in the tale.

As said, fabulous stories, fabulous adventures and a storyline that invites a sense of mystery, excitement and a very great need to turn over the next page.

When We Were Warriors is very cleverly woven storyline which can not fail to captivate readers of all ages.

AuthorEmma Carroll
DistributorAllen and Unwin
ReleasedJune 2019