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Where The River Takes Us

The illustrations on the front cover of Where The River Takes Us are reminiscent of an Enid Blyton novel. Indeed, the characters themselves mention the “Famous Five,” at one place.

Set in Wales, this story begins by showing two brothers, who have lost their parents, trying to stay together in their home. The younger brother, Jason, knows that Richie, the older sibling is trying his hardest to keep the house and their routine going. Money is very short, and the boys don’t ask for help.

They have friends who decide to help them go on an adventure to photograph a wild cat which has been spotted in the hills. Richie has become involved with undesirable types to earn some money and so Jason and his friends set off, but sadly their mission fails with the difficulties and troubles begin to pile up.

Throughout the story a few Welsh words have been included. The theme of friendship is strong throughout the story and brothers supporting each other is noticeable. A fierce loyalty and determination is shown by the children, and surprises continue to confront them.

Each of the chapters has an illustration at the head of the page with the story an easy read for older children.

Author Lesley Parr
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishers . Imprint Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN 9781526647771
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Publishers
Released March 2023