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Who Fed Zed?

This well illustrated, hardback picture book Who Fed Zed is hilarious. I suspect that the reader, as well as the listener will finish up in giggles. Part of the humour lies in the way the illustrator portrays the characters. They are larger than life and have a range of facial expressions which are amusing. The size of the illustrations is excellent for conveying the ideas. We have Zed the fish, whose “poo hangs down in one long thread.” Yes, he does look quite smug!

The text is a good size for reading together, and the important statements such as,” NEVER, EVER FEED ZED BREAD,” are enlarged and coloured. The black text shows up well on the pastel colour pages. The narrator in this story explains that the visitors to the house like to play with the dog, but the dog has been banned to the shed as he has fleas. The three friends listen as the narrator explains how to feed Zed and how to put flea powder on the dog.

Sadly, there is a mix up in procedures and quick thinking and problem solving is needed. Who Fed Zed is a delightful story with sub plots showing surprises at the end. The text is rhyming, which adds to the humour of the illustrations and the story, “And now all the fleas are dead, Jed’s no longer in the shed.”  This is the language which will help children read, and also help with speech issues. A good read.

Author Amelia McInerney, illustrated by Adam Nickel.
Publisher A&U Children's
ISBN 9781760524432
Distributor Allen & Unwin Children's
Released July 2021