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Who Gives a Poop?

Surprising Science from One End to the Other

Following on from her earlier book Something Rotten, A Fresh Look at Road Kill Heather L Montgomery takes a scientific but completely irreverent look at Poop, and exactly what can be learned from bodies refuse, Poop, in Who Gives A Poop, Surprising Science from One End to the Other!

Citizen Science has become more than phenomena, it has become one of those ideas that once it caught on, became a tremendous vehicle for getting everyone with any sense of curiosity about the world around us, interested in Science of all aspects. When a self-confessed nerd writes a book on Poop, it simply highlights what mysteries can be discovered in the very accessible world of Science.

Never one to let good roadkill go to waste, she carriers in her car the means to collect evidence from fresh roadkill that when examined through her trusty microscope, provides once again a world of information on where that road kill has been, what it has eaten and what parasites are in the intestine, along with so much more on disease, spread of infection and if is not obvious, cause of death!

As is well known, Poop has a certain automatic appeal to a certain age range of children which is excellent, as it is a very good topic of scientific interest and one to capture the imagination of pre-teen, teens and adults, to a degree, which means that they all have open season on discussing the value of what can be learned through both human and domestic Poop!

Over the chapters of the book, Montgomery discusses everything from Bat guano to Dinosaur’s massive do-do, as well as the fascinating but strangely surreal story of the train stuck in a town in America that is full of Poop that no one seems to want to either deal with or take responsibility for its disposal!

It is also interesting in today’s world, that Poop is one of the major tell-tale factors in discovering where the COVID -19 virus is appearing in towns and countries worldwide, allowing scientists to gather so much data about this new and terrifyingly destructive virus.

Along with Poop there is so much other scientific information mixed in with the poop story, like the story of the dead possum that had a white-pink worm crawling out of its mouth. This raises the question of what happens to the ecosystem within the possum until and after its death! That is one for the curiously, curious to follow up on!

As a slight side issue, there is a world of wonderful words floating around in language that can be used to impress the best with Dingleberries, Frass, Floaters, Scatology, Sinker, or maybe that should be Stinker and Thunderbox and many more to be discovered.

Perfectly tailored to tempt even the queasiest of citizen scientists to explore the world of Poop, Who Gives a Poop shines a light on the ‘magic’ contained in the world of Poop and the benefit of understanding more about this once relatively unknown world of ‘things’ that you perhaps maybe always wondered about but were never too keen to ask about. Heather L Montgomery has also left a very clear chapter on how to become a citizen scientist.

Oh, and if you find some of the information on the pages a little confusing, look to the endnotes at the bottom the pages for further details.

Who Gives A Poop? Well you do and your findings regardless of how big or small, can help science better understand so much more about our world and the world already gone before us.

Author Heather L Montgomery
Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN 9781547603480
Distributor Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released December 2020