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Wild Life : The Extraordinary Adventures of Sir David Attenborough

Now known as a ‘Voice for Nature,’ almost everyone has watched David Attenborough’s natural history documentary series forming the ‘Life on Earth’ collection, the comprehensive survey of animal and plant life on Earth, however how it all began is not as well known.

Leisa Stewart Sharpe in her informative book ‘Wild Life has chronicled both his early life and his fascination with nature, which all started with a fire salamander, and his visits to the world’s most extraordinary places.

Beautifully illustrated by Helen Shoesmith, this picture book not only recounts his filming of some of Earth’s strangest and mysterious creatures, but also the astonishing places he visited in pursuit of his amazing career as a biologist and natural historian; the Australian Great Barrier Reef, Africa’s grassy plains, the damp, forest floor of New Guinea.

By the time he was 90 years old he had visited every continent on Earth. As a result, he became aware that animals had lost their lives because of the changes happening on our planet, so in his later work he became more vocal in support of environmental causes.

This is the latest Leisa Stewart – Sharpe non-fiction and picture book for what she calls ‘Earthlings’. It is a wonderfully enlightening book, which is ideal for the emergent readers and young naturalists.

Author Leisa Stewart-Sharpe
Publisher Hachette New Zealand
ISBN 9781526364159
Distributor Hachette New Zealand
Released July 2022