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Windy Knickers

Windy Knickers is a fun filled game suitable for 4 years olds and dare I say it even older 4 year olds, as although the principle behind the game is pretty straight forward, it is heaps of fun, guarantees a lot of laughs and family time well spent, waiting to see if Grannie will show her knickers or not, depending on how long it takes to throw a tornado.

There are many smaller pieces to the game so the set-up is a big part of the fun, with each of the pieces needing to have stickers applied, Grannie needing a little dressing and the line must be assembled before the game can begin.

Suitable for four players the game begins with a throw of the dice and then it is, let the fun begin. Weather plays a very big part in the game so there is a little learning to be had, as in when it rains get the washing in, when it is sunny, put the washing out.

Each of the pieces needs to be placed on the clothes line and it is the person with all of their clothes hung up that is the winner.

Sounds relatively simple that is until the tornado is thrown and the clothes line spins very fast, shedding clothes as it spins. Grannie also gets a move on and spins as well, sometimes even making noises and maybe even shedding her clothes!

The poor player that threw tornado has to collet up all the pieces that came off the line, while the others get to rehang there’s and the game continues on.

Perfect for entertainment in the challenging time in which we live, Windy Knickers, if nothing else, is guaranteed to bring on a really good laughs and some lovely family time spent together just enjoying some simple fun and games.


Distributor Crown and Andrews/Goliath Games
Released 2020