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Winterborne Home for Mayhem and Mystery unlock the secrets.

Winterbourne Home is a rather secretive place which along with few other things, is the also home for five rather extraordinary children, who just happen to be orphans and is owned by Gabriel Winterbourne, a man who is also very secretive about what he does, which naturally just adds to the overall secrecy that surrounds everything and everybody at Winterbourne House.

 April is beginning to believe she has found her forever home, along with the other four children who will make up her forever family, and this feels really rather terrific, even if she does get very worried by her roommate Sadie Marie Simmons, who is a bit inclined to invent some seriously weird and dangerous things!

As the pages turn there is mayhem afoot, and secrets to be discovered, but when Gabriel disappears, even with the combined incredible skills of the children, Gabriel remains well and truly missing. It would appear that something rather terrible may have happened as there is someone else who really, really wants his job of protecting the City and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

But all is not as it seems as April is a very determined little girl and has a secret of her own. When she became and orphan her mother gave her a Key with the Winterbourne crest on it and now she is there, right in the Winterbourne house, all she has to do is try and find the right lock for the key. She believes that by making this discovery some of the mystery surrounding the house could be understood and maybe, she might find her real family once again!

When the sentential statue appears to come to life, strange noises start happening in the night and a whole lot of other really spooky things occur, April really has to make up her mind is her new home and family worth fighting for or not!

Quirky, funny, outrageous and full of mayhem, Winterbourne Home of Mayhem and Mystery: unlock the secrets lives up to the title of the story with flair, zeal and riotous happenings, which just may come out okay, eventually!

Author Ally Carter
Publisher Lothian Children's Books
ISBN 9780734419187
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released March 2021