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Witch Snitch The Inside Scoop on the Witches of Ritzy City

Witch Snitch is created to appeal to all little girls who love, fashion, fun and mayhem, and the resultant fall out when things do not always go as planned; especially when the events happen to be taking place in Sinkville, home to Tiga, Peggy, Fluffanora and Sluggfrey, and it is coming up to Witchoween, which in case you did not know is witch for Halloween.

Why would one be discussing such a book when it is nowhere near Halloween? Well, because it is a very funny, most enjoyable read that can be devoured after school or on the weekends, over what would be considered a great feast of Clutterbucks Cocktails and jam! Oh yes, and cake of course!

But, what happens when Peggy decides that she need to make a documentary about the very first ever Witchoween and the famous witches that started the trend. Mayhem happens of course. The people to be interviewed don’t always co-operate, the wardrobe frequently malfunctions, tempers are frayed, much jam and cake is eaten, while some very strange things happen.

Do things eventually go well in Sinkville, or does so much go horribly, horribly wrong that by the time Tiga, Fluffanora and their friends find their way to the end of the book, do they really, really care about Witchoween!

Dotted at the end of the chapters are some wonderful activities to carry out such as How To Make A Clutterbucks Cocktail or How To Make Splatty Cake, Five Things you did not know about Splatty Cat or Sticky Berta, along with many others, and also how to do a Witch Style Pedicure (your toe nails, just making sure!) and then how to Decorate Your Shoes Like Paisley Parade. (Perhaps you better check with Mum first, before you do this one)

For those of you who have already read some of the Witch War series this is an additional one, especially for perhaps a party idea or two, or just a fun read with some seriously wickedly, witchy ideas!

AuthorSibéal Pounder, illustrated by Laura Ellen Anderson
PublisherBloomsbury Childrens Books
DistributorBloomsbury Childrens Books
ReleasedDecember 2017