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As everyone knows when you get hungry, very, very hungry, you sometimes turn into a Monster who is ready to eat just about anything that comes along and Wolfboy was no exception; he was very hungry and as it was the full moon as well, going hungry was not nice, not nice at all.

He stomped off through the woods calling out to the rabbits, who decided to hide, to stay out of his way, the fish in the muddy stream did the same and the soggy bog was not helpful at all.

The further into the woods he stomped the more fuss he made, which for little ones learning language and reading skills, Wolfboy adds some very dramatic words, as he searches high and low for those pesky little rabbits.

The drama builds until he finds those pesky little rabbits that had a wonderful surprise waiting for a very hungry, fussy, growly and lots more fantasticality dramatic words, Wolfboy. Oh, the drama, the fun and the laugh of relief as Wolfboy needs to add this long list of growly words, one simple little word, Happy.

Black pages, stark, brightly coloured characters and good use of language make Wolfboy, from the imagination of Andy Harkness, into an all-time great read, full of fun and scary bits as well.

You may well ask why the illustrations are a little different and that is because Andy Harness began them as pencil sketches, shaped the scenery and characters in clay, and then took them all outdoors, where he had so much fun setting the scene, before capturing them for all time in a photograph. He then created the images into the book with the vibrant blue Wolfboy as the lead, along with his also brightly coloured friends the Rabbits.

Author Andy Harkness
Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN 9781526622495
Distributor Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released February 2021