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Wombat and Fox: The Whole Story

Lovers of Wombat and Fox will be absolutely delighted with these three books in one release from Terry Denton, as you can totally immerse yourself in the wonderful, whacky, fraught with hazard world, of these two unstoppable characters and their crew of amazing friends.

 Wombat’s lucky Dollar sees the two friends trying to get the best value out of a dollar, on Tuesday of course, as nothing really happened on Monday. But on Tuesday things really did happen when Wombat realised he had runout of credit on his phone, which set off a series of bizarre incidents and so begins a hilarious read through the everyday world of these amazing characters.

Ideal for the lover of wonderful, whacky material with a very strong cartoon style base, that while being seriously funny, is also educational in what not to do, as some of the antics this pair and their friends get up to, will leave you gasping, while you are laughing.

A simple trip to the local fountain to cool off on hot summer’s day, ends up with a big disaster that turns out all-right in the end and a trip to the beach takes on a whole new dimension. Let alone the day they decide to go to the pool with a new friend Devil, and things go truly, horribly wrong for Fox.

All the favourite characters are lavishly spread throughout the pages, such as the Five Cheeky Monkeys, the Hippo Sisters, Crock, the Little Penguins and of course Bandicoot and his lovely new red sports car, which Wombat really would like to own.

The city is a big place, full of fun and adventure, never more so than when Wombat and Fox set off to have a day out and about their neighbourhood, as only they can.

A great book jammed packed with fun and adventure designed to entrance and delight young readers.

AuthorTerry Denton
PublisherA&U Childrens
DistributorA&U Childrens
ReleasedDecember 2017