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Word Hunters: Top Secret Files

For those children who are fascinated by words, their origins, and meanings, this book is a must.  It is set as a mystery for children, who have to read each chapter, to understand the origins, of not only words, but sports, such as tennis, and language in general. This book has been placed in the readers hands by Caractacus, to protect and guard the secrets of the English language. Only a good reader will be able to manage the text or an interested parent or adult may help.

 The game of tennis comes under scrutiny, as do all the words which have evolved to describe it. We learn that the term volley “Came to English in the 1570s “, and it meant to discharge from guns, and also to hit the ball in mid-flight. Backhand is a word used just for a tennis shot, and came into being in the 1650s.

 The word busk provides a great deal of insight into just how our language has developed. A story is told about a modern day busker, but again we look at the origins of the word. It seemed to develop in the 1850s in California, during the Gold Rush. People who busked had something to sell, or trade, or use as entertainment. Quite often the goods to be traded were stolen.

 Using their backpacks, the two children, who are discovering the secrets of language, are able to travel back in time to observe and learn after immersing themselves in dragon armour. Instructions on how to make your own cardboard armour for the children are included. They can make Gauntlets, Sabatons, Greaves, and Tassets.

 In Egypt a piece of papyrus has been discovered. A note from a servant suggests that he will bring Cleopatra to the palace at night. If she is to be welcomed, there is a favorite recipe to be made up for her. It consists of flour, water, figs, dates, walnuts, sesame seeds, and honey. These are mixed together and rolled into balls; an interesting dish to explore.

 Each chapter in this book is so intense and interesting, that reading will be slow going. The information presented, has been collated through much research, and will link language and language development cleverly. Different cultures and languages are used to show the meshing of words from all over the world, to form English.

Author Nick Earls and Terry Whidborne
Publisher University of Queensland Press
ISBN 978 0 7022 5402 4
Website Http:/
Distributor University of Queensland Press
Released December 2016