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The Honourable Assassin

We met Vic Cavalier as a young man determined to make the grade for admission to the elite SAS Division of the Army.

We then meet him again some years on, his life a bit of a wreck, his marriage gone bust and his beloved daughter dead!

He is facing the sack from his newspaper; his drinking is gaining the upper hand and it looks life is on a faster than slow downward spiral. That is until a body turns up in a laneway in Carlton with a bullet through his head in what appears to be an execution style killing.

His editor wants the story, deciding that Vic can have one last go at changing his destiny and that just maybe, he still has the skills as an investigative reporter to get to the real truth behind the story.

It is not is not until Vic finds himself in Bangkok working with a Jacinta Cin Lai, a special investigator he had met in Melbourne, does he begin to come to terms with just what he has agreed to undertake.

In the streamy tropics of Thailand, Vic is forced to confront some serious personal issues, he discovers there is more to Jacinta than just a ‘special investigator’ for the Federal police and the drug cartel attempting to gain a footing in Thailand are the same Mexican cartel responsible for the death of his daughter.

Armed with an arsenal of dirty tricks, skills honed as a young man and maintained in his life as an investigative reporter, he faces the fact that he has little choice in whether he follows the story to the bitter end or walks away.

The more he discovers about the drug trade in Thailand and the levels of corruption in high places, it becomes all too clear that once again his life has been placed on the line, but this time it is personal!

Fast paced, the action moves rapidly across Thailand and the murk of the underworld just keeps on getting thicker and thicker until Cavalier can trust no one at all.

Set in the steamy world of illegal drug trafficking in a country where formidable amounts of money can change hands in a second, in a society where life is cheap and corruption is a commonplace, this is a thriller that will keep you guessing to the very end.


AuthorRoland Perry
PublisherAllen & Unwin
DistributorAllen & Unwin
ReleasedDecember 2015