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Dead and Gone

Peter “Macca’ Westerholme, publican and Vietnam vet, is murdered and deposited in the hotel skip. Judi, a feisty, fiery and forthright young woman, his employee and friend, felt she couldn’t take a backseat while the police investigated this crime; she discovers more than she ever expected.

In this second instalment in the Judi Westerholme series, Judi, having taken on the up bring of her orphaned 2 year old niece, has just found a balance in her life, working in a pub in the small town of Candlebark, Victoria, Australia. However, when ‘Macca’ is murdered, Judi feels that the police are missing something, so ignoring all advice not to interfere with procedures, this amateur detective starts her own inquiries.  Before long she has put both her life and her fledgling relationship with one of the investigating officers in jeopardy. However, out of her comfort zone, this resourceful, courageous sleuth is not to be deterred, as she uncovers the secrets of her small community.

By using the protagonist Judi as the narrator, who drives this engaging storyline, author Sherryl Clark has developed a very credible main character. Readers’ will be intrigued by the many red herrings, while their interest is maintained by the various twists and turns before the narrative reaches its unexpected and tense conclusion.   

I recommend ‘Dead and Gone’ as an easy holiday read for those who enjoy crime fiction with a bit of romance thrown in. 

Author Sherril Clark
Publisher Verve Books
ISBN 9780857308061
Distributor New South Books
Released 2021